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Behringer Podcastudio 2 USB(USB Mixer, Microphone, Headphones)

Rwf 350,000
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Podcastudio 2 USB(complete Podcastudio bundle with USB Mixer, microphone, Headphone and more) it also has The high-resolution capsules have a wide frequency response and dynamic range, giving you accurate playback and full sound, the mixer provides the performance and features that can take your talent to the next level, Wide frequency response, Studio Headphones, high-quality podcasts, produce your own music and home recordings, 5 Inputs with our legendary XENYX mic preamp, built-in USB/audio interface, plus rugged reliability, 2 Track inputs and outputs, Stereo line input, Microphone input with 15 V phantom power, Master fader, Master fader, USB Interface, 2 EQ, all going through studio-grade converters for the best possible sound quality.

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